According to OECD Global Report: The global population of university graduates is expected to nearly double over this decade and next to reach 300 million by 2030 which is a massive chunk of the global population that could potentially be our trainees as we plan to target all the universities, colleges even schools as these institutes are the most valuable source of young talented people who are quite good with the consoles.

In this century where digital advancement and social media addiction is taking place on a mammoth scale, one can’t deny the fact that the majority of youngsters all around the globe are wasting their time while playing video games where they can earn 100k dollars per annum using the similar joysticks they have been playing on. Due to the incredible spread of the internet globally and the process of ‘’Globalization’’ no matter rich or poor regions, educated or illiterate ones, young or old; everyone is updated with the digital world. Therefore, it's high time to make them financially independent & eventually contribute to the global economy.

Our other key focal industry includes all the insurance companies across the world who have yet not realized the potential from this niche market with us as a win-win. We are quite intrigued to proceed with this step too.

Using our drone mobile app, all the surveyors, survey companies, Civil engineers, Geographical information system companies can fly their drones autonomously with just two taps on your phone. Quickly process your imagery with our drone app to generate high-resolution maps and 3D models, analyze, annotate and share your maps with others directly from within the app.