Oil & Gas


QUMAQ has developed an end-to-end solution that provides operators with quality data, while avoiding safety risks and operational down time.

Oil & gas facilities- both on and off shore-- require frequent inspection and maintenance to ensure safety and avoid failure. Currently, the main methods of inspecting hard-to-reach areas involve shutting down operations, building scaffolding or setting rope lines, and sending an inspector into hazardous areas with a camera. The logistics and danger of these processes, in addition to costly shutdown time required, significantly impacts the bottom line.

QUMAQ automated platform provides high quality aerial data for all inspection and maintenance requirement, in a safer, more efficient manner, without causing operational down time. This innovative, consistently available aerial perspective of operations, supports the following key aspects:

Emergency Response

  • Immediate aerial information of leaks and spills
  • Safety procedures and evacuation monitoring

Infrastructure Inspection

  • Routine system inspection to ensure consistent operational integrity
  • Access to hard-to-reac areas

Security Survellance

  • Situational awarness beyond the rig
  • Intrusion alerts


Video About Drone working