Industrial Facilities


QUMAQ has developed an end-to-end solution that addresses the multi-dimensional needs of industrial facilities.

Industrial facilities such as chemical plants, refineries and manufacturing sites, must constantly monitor and maintain systems and infrastructure to ensure continous productivity, safety, and efficiency. For the operator and manager, this means overseeing thousands of critical processes, while constantly facing operational threats such as equipment failure, security breaches and disasters.

QUMAQ end-to-end solution provides industrial facilities with unlimited aerial data, delivering drivers insights to support operations throughout the site. The platform provides customized flight plans, on-demand resposiveness and reliable data harvasting that benefits industrial sites in the following areas:

Our industrial clients benefit in the following areas:


  • Up-close imager of critical plant infrastructure
  • Gas leak detection
  • Critical equipment and process monitoring


  • Dynamic perimeter surveillance
  • Intruder alerts
  • Visibility far beyond the fence

Emergency Response

  • Rapid aerial incident investigation
  • Evacuation monitoring
  • Remote hazard detection


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