The Global Marketplace and Academy for Professional Drone Pilots

What we love doing.

Majority of the young people are unaware of job opportunities in the drone industry. They don’t realize their gaming potential can be utilized in a productive and economic manner. There will be a need for millions of drone pilots around the world as drone industry is growing to be doubled from 25 billion dollars to 50 billion dollars in next five years. What we do is help these youngsters with the required skill set. People are frustrated to see their children wasting their time with gaming consoles. Thus Qumaq gives them the credibility to grow more in the industry by turning their skill set into a sustainable job.

Drone pilot trainings

We have developed an advanced platform of drone pilots where people can get certified for their country or anywhere around the world with our master training programs while having the first time drone Pilot insurance plans ever in hand and ready to be connected with the industry as a freelance pilot. training to the professionals of other organizations

Our in-house pilot simulators provide a real-time experience while letting the pilots go through the rigorous training to improve their efficiency and effectiveness for the actual jobs.

Drone Platform

Using our drone platform, all the surveyors, survey companies, Civil engineers, Geographical information system companies can fly their drones autonomously with just two taps on your phone. Quickly process your imagery with our drone app to generate high-resolution maps and 3D models, analyze, annotate and share your maps with others directly from within the app.

Global marketplace for certified drone pilots

Companies and big organizations won't have to worry about the certified trained professional pilots for many drone use cases as our platform will be providing drone services for multiple industries i.e. drone deliveries, aerial pollination, surveillance, monitoring, mapping and 3D modeling in several diverse industries . So, our platform will be a one-stop solution for Drone Pilots all around the World

About Us.

Great things never happen just by one person, they are done by collective efforts of a strong team and this won’t be wrong to claim that we have got the best brains in diverse domains. Be it technical, innovation, training & development, marketing and a profound expertise in the start-up ecosystem for the past couple of years. We have burnt our midnight oil to work for this mutual passion of ours that is this platform founded with an aim to create millions of employment opportunities in the drone industry throughout the world. Here’s our small yet impactful team we would like to be introduced to you

Neville Gaunt

Co-founder | strategist

Faiza Zafar

Co-founder | CMO

Muhammad Shabbar

Software Engineer

Muhammad Talha


Json Art


Talha Khalid


Saif Khawaja

Software Engineer

Burhan Ahmed

Data Science Engineer

Salman Mehmood


Zeeshan babar

Control Engineer

Azhar Khan

Electrical Engineer