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Whether you are a drone operator, seeking to expand logistic service or setting up a new business, Qumaq provides easy and affordable drone platforms for multiple use cases in your business.

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What we love doing.

Drones are everywhere nowadays, yet they mostly rely on a pilot with a remote control. In order to operate a fleet of drones automatically, safely and cost effectively, we've developed the most affordable copter drones that are controlled using our custom automated platform, rather than relying on a pilot.
By harnessing the power of our platform and custom drones we're giving you all the tools you need to start using our drones for drone deliveries, aerial pollination, surveillance & monitoring, mapping and 3D modelling and multiple other industries.

Arieal delivery

Imagine you are in a remote area of Balochistan, Sindh, Punjab or mountainous region of AJ&K, KPK and have a newborn in need of urgent medication. The medication may take hours or a day because of bad roads. That's the part that's broken.
We believe we can deliver within minutes.

Emergecy response

Permanent autonomous drone network in Pakistan that will now see lab samples like blood tests and other diagnostics flown between hospital facilities, clinics, and rural health centers.


Over time, we would hope it would be coming new platform for other platforms, lifting millions of people out forwarding.
In developed and imagined world, we would hope it would become a new mode of health and transportation that could help make ourselves more livable. So for those who think it is as a science fiction, we firmly say to you that it is not.
We do need to engage though in social fiction to make it happen.

About Us.

QUMAQ provides its drone platforms and on-demand aerial delivery system for multiple industries. The company also provides its platform as a service to healthcare and logistics companies and help in saving countless precious lives in the time of crisis.

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